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After the election of Donald Trump

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The victory of Donald Trump in the American presidential election came as a surprise to the vast majority of experts and contradicted numerous opinion polls.

The election of Trump points to deep-seated divisions in American society: frustration among many Americans with the political system; large groups which have seen no increase in real income for several decades; unemployment in former industrial core areas; and continued social insecurity for many Americans.

Unfortunately there is no indication that Donald Trump can or will do anything to diminish these underlying problems.

From a Nordic perspective, the victory of Trump in the short term can be expected to bring increased protectionism, and this will put serious pressure on our export industry. We can also expect the global economy to enter a period of uncertainty as we have already seen by the immediate reactions of the financial markets.

Over the long term, the election of Trump, like Brexit, must cause us to look inwards to our own Nordic societies and deal with those issues of inequality, regional stagnation and structural change which we also face.

As trade unions, we have a deep responsibility to ensure that inequalities are dealt with and that no one finds themselves caught in the trap of poverty and without a voice in society.

We must respect the outcome of the election, and a Trump administration will need to be brought into a constructive dialogue with Europe and the rest of the world. At the same time we must be prepared to support our American trade union colleagues against any potential attack on their trade union and labour rights

We need to protect democracy at home and abroad.

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