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Resolution on education and digitalization

Digitalization is proceeding at an ever-increasing rate. Digitalization affects our lives on many levels. Both private and working life. The digitalization can provide a number of benefits for the individual, for companies, for the public sector and for the whole community. It can be said that all types of jobs are or will be affected by digitalization and parts of the job will require digital competencies.

In this development, it is crucial to realize and remember that in the end of the day it is the skilled labor force who makes this happen. Therefore, education is the prerequisite for individuals, businesses and society to benefit the most from digitalization. Both individuals, companies and society, have a responsibility here: employees need willingness to learn and acquire new skills, companies are to support – in time and preferably also as concrete training opportunities – and politicians as well as public authorities need to offer financial resources, flexible re- and uptraining models and possibly tax reduction schemes.

You can read the whole statement adopted by Nordic IN's Executive Committee on October 31, 2017 in English.

Du kan läsa uttalandet, som styrelsen av Industrianställda i Norden godkände den 31 oktober, 2017 på svenska.

Pohjoismaiden Teollisuustyöntekijöiden hallituksen 31.10.2017 hyväksymä kannanotto suomeksi.

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